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Turnkey Fall Protection Systems

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We begin each project with a detailed inspection and survey of the current situation. Once we have a clear understanding of the project needs, we can provide an estimate for the solution that best suits your requirements.

Our in-house engineers will custom design your solution, and since we are not tied to any specific manufacturers, we can provide the most cost-effective and practical equipment for the job. All of our designs will meet or exceed State and Federal requirements for safety.

We have access to the best fall protection equipment from the industry's leading manufacturers. We can also custom-fabricate any components that may be required to meet your projects specific needs.

Finally, we will install, certify and train your workers on the new system, ensuring that it is properly understood and utilized for ideal workplace safety. View some of our fall protection system projects now.

Fall Protection and Rescue Training

A fall protection system and rescue plan is only as effective as those trained to use it.

At Rhino, we include authorized-user training of workers in all our fall protection system projects. If you already have a reliable system in place and simply need to train new staff or bring existing workers up to speed, we offer a full range of training options to best meet your individual needs. We can also assist you in developing a site-specific rescue plan and train your staff in the most effective techniques and equipment to help perform a timely rescue in case of a fall incident.

We recommend training be done on site with the specific equipment to be used. Our fall protection training meets OSHA standards and all those to successfully complete training will recieve a certification card.

Fall Protection System Inspections

We are fully certified by most of the major manufacturers to install and inspect their equipment. We will meticulously inspect your fall protection system and equipment to ensure it is up to government regulations and standards. Our detailed report will outline any areas of concern and make recommendations for the proper course of action.

Post Accident

If an accident should occur, a detailed inspection of the fall arrest system and equipment should be performed prior to the system being used. We can provide a detailed report of the system's condition and make recommendations for repair or replacement of any damaged components.