Proven Fall Protection Solutions




For our project with AT&T, we were tasked with installing 20,000 feet of horizontal lifelines to protect window washing and routine maintenance of the building.



US Airways Arena

When engaging with US Airways Arena in Phoenix, AZ, we modernized horizontal lifelines on a newly installed rigging grid to ensure the safety of workers.


City of Glendale

The City of Glendale, AZ hired us to install custom horizontal lifelines in their water reclamation facility.





Dubbed "Blue Horizon", this project with Seaworld allowed us to engineer and fabricate a "pass through" fall arrest system for their custom aluminum truss.


Taormina Industries

We worked with the client on this project to design and install custom horizontal lifelines and rigid rail systems for maintenance of trucks at their waste management facility.

Scottrade Center

At the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, MO, we removed a non-compliant fall arrest sytem and replaced it with a new, engineered fall arrest system.